On being the product of a non paternal event

Feeling like an unwanted NPE in a popularity based society is kind of like ice cream. Everybody is so busy taking selfies outside an ice cream parlor, that they don’t even notice their single scoop of sherbet laying on the floor. Only glancing at it after it’s pointed out to them, trying to step over it so as to not make a mess, trying to convince themselves that nothing was ever missing.

I lay in bed this morning thinking, un interested in the new day… praying.

And it came to me… although born in a society which often equates popularity with acceptance, what if I was born to be a picture of what it means to live without it? What if I was created to be a picture of a woman scooping the melted ice cream of her life off the floor?

What if falling out of the family photo in front of the ice cream shop doesn’t make me a loser, but different, resilient… strong enough to shine in a world where popularity is often everything…

Just to show it isn’t?

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