To the men I met later in life

I’d like to think that those rose buds we pressed into each other’s palms might have bloomed

if she hadn’t hurt you and he hadn’t hit me.

Every single one of us

looking for someone to pull thorns out of our finger tips.

Children in confessionals sobbing for someone to understand ,

take their hand

lead them out of loneliness .

I wonder

if we had met before sunrises planted lemon seeds in our eyes,

say on a playground or in a cafeteria,

would we have talked about what our moms packed for lunch,

tried to make each other laugh so hard that milk poured out our noses?

Played tetherball at recess ?

been friends?


  1. For anyone reading the lengthy comment I left above… it is not in response to my lovely friend saynotoclowns… but rather to someone who has been following me around online trying to get me to respond to him the way he wanted me to.. I deleted his comment but cannot figure out how to delete my response… sorry for all the drama… hugs:)


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