A dandelion’s grand allegro

In the grass where snow flowers bloom,

breezes blow through dandelions, children’s hair

and the eyelashes of an old women

who opens her kitchen window,

calls to her man

“Looks like spring”

until he comes to stand next to her

tells her how much she looks like a ballerina,

reaching for the sun

learning to let go



  1. A Dandelion…. Lovely worded free lines. My suggestion applies to other pieces also: very strong tangible place and story imagery is gets suddenly disturbed by intangible abstraction as in the final lines of this piece. Best wishes.


    • Haha I think you might be looking for a word other than “abstraction,” which is defined as “the quality of dealing with ideas and events.” What I see in the final lines of this piece are concrete images (“ballerina, sun”). Perhaps you’re having difficulty with the verb- adverb (which is still concrete) pairing?

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