He was always looking for that one special girl

who was strong


to hold all the hatred

he wasn’t man


to contain


  1. My dear sister Kae, your writing, especially when regarding abuse and abusive behaviors and relationships, alway is painful for me to read, yet also compellingly necessary. For you write of a sorrowfully e’er-present reality that despite its ubiquity, nevertheless, because of its inherently sordid nature is that about which we humans would rather ignore. In doing this, you also commend…command that I examine my thoughts and feelings, intentions and actions to discern whether I have been or am a bad-actor and when I find such evidence – whether as the fruit of mine own reflections or via the honest, no-nonsense observations of others (or both), then, in penitence AND repentance to express my sorrow and act in change. Thank you. Love


    • Yes Paul ,

      It is all about love … something we as people fall short of..

      Attempting to overpower others isn’t a good foundation for any type of community , whether it is in the family or society at large.

      It is good to reflect upon our role in offering respect and peace to those around us.

      I thank you for your reflective comment.



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