Reunion with a shark

After 7 years and the letter you wrote saying you were sorry for cheating,

we met.

and you looked at me

and I looked at the bald spot on your forehead where your hair used to grow,

the biceps slouching in your arms

the way the skin around your eyes crinkled like over cooked potatoes when you said ” Here I want to show you something ”

the age spots on your hand when you pulled a ring out of your pocket 

the way your paunch swelled with pride when you announced 
“This is my engagement ring ” 

eyes shining in that way they always did when you thought you had discovered a new way to hurt me

but the truth is

when you put the ring on your finger, I was looking at the few  hairs left  on your head

at scalp which had turned pink like a man who could no longer hold his sun 

thinking…the older you get, the more your evil shows

hoping that if the two of you marry,

I could finally





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