The color green

The paint drying around the eye of that Kindergarten window drips green dye onto a handful of eggs in an Easter basket full of faded grass

which could be completely forgotten in any number of mint scented fields trickling  over the dirt banks of who knows how many etchings of ditches  where  polliwogs hover in masses of moss and algae 

and unripe berries hang near new born thorns and face places where young children’s lips grow hopeful before they are told to  wash grass sweat and crayons and markers off their fingers so they can be handed paper cups full of lime flavored Koolaide

because the blackberries outside the window aren’t ready to eat yet…

if you look there, you will see yellow  heat waves back floating in blue and bending ’til  green seedlings grow like weeds 

and the sun starts to show her pregnant belly as round as an emerald on God’s finger

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