Blue and yellow…sky and sun 

fill spaces between my lashes where white clouds grow pure and holy

 as Your hands planting eyes between my ears

as Your hands firmly planting hazel eyes in my head

as the seashell You gave me

where faith is supposed to hear eternity swaying on the hem of a hopeful stem 

in meadows where flowers never go naked

and on the lips of song sparrows singing hymns

and yet somehow 

in spite of all the proofs You give daily 

i search my horizon blindly for fearsome drears

for octaves I can’t climb 

for sunshine I can’t sell

for bills I owe but cannot pay

’til darkness shades hazels within my lashes

and I grow blind

to blue and yellow

 sun and sky 

fall into a weeping heap

where hope 

speaks to me in Braille 

pulses under my fingers in the root of a willow tree 

planting Your  faithfulness and eternity in the seashells of my ears

once again 


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