Robin’s egg blue

Through a rusty window pane,

robin’s egg blue

spills through shadow clouds and leftover winter branches

filling up my lashes so 

i can sip the sky


  1. Outside my VERY dirty kitchen window that cannot be reached to clean is an also very rusty grill that tipped over and just as my husband was going to drag it to the road he hurt his back and just after that a wren made a nest! I am thrilled! I cannot wait to see what happens next! You’d think, ugly rusty grill looks like trash outside the window. BUT you’d also think the limb front the tree that fell should have been moved a long time ago…not you but others. Well that limb can’t be moved because it is where the shrike lands every day and I watch him outside the window. Now the rusty grill will have babies in it. Sometimes it makes me happy to see the purpose in the garbage!

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