“I may be missing something here … but when you ask a guy not to contact you 

and a couple days later he comes to your house to hand deliver a letter to tell you he has blocked you on social media..

and asks YOU to not contact him
(after you have already blocked the guy)

you can only hope that Silly Putty won’t show more brain activity on an EEG …than him 

Just sayin 😉


      • I had the same things almost, not as bad, two weeks ago. Old childhood friend starts messaging me. Gets completely out of control I tell him no one time and he goes haywire and starts begging me then getting angry with me. I ignore him and it just gets worse. He finally after countless texts and phonecalls just stopped after I blocked him. Thankfully he did not end up at my house although we were prepared for him to be. I mean really. Is there that much of a need to be whatever category we can put them in! We are just moving along trying to do the right thing, b a good parent, be a good person, in comes psychotic obsessive person. Like why. Really!

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      • Exactly …so this guy who used to want to date me… old guy… appears to be over it… and is acting like a family friend… helping around house… fixing a lot of stuff… assuring me he wants nothing from it… starts paying a bit of attention to one of my daughters… I keep an eye on him but think don’t over react… THEN… one night he tells me how amazing she is( which she is)… and I happily agree UNTIL… he tells me that in another world he would pursue her .. so I ask him to leave us alone and he leaves these letters on my door stop which are trying to make ME?? feel guilt for setting a boundary … went on and on about how much he helped us and how I just blew it for myself because I didn’t want him around… said how hard he tried… and how my fears were the problem… blah blah blah .., I mean… sorry … u tell me u are imagining another world where u can pursue my daughter … ???????????????????????????????????????????????GAME OVER… ( and he actually had the nerve to try to make himself appear spiritual when he did it… talked about God… ministry etc… YUK… EW


      • That is repulsive. That is punch him in the face give reasons later. He is disturbed and needs to stay the hell away from you and your family. NOT OK. You did set a boundary and good for you. It is always easier for me to set one that involves protecting my daughter and harder to do when protecting myself. This guy was a guy I dated in school too. Why come back. What is the purpose. It is never good intentions I can tell you that. This guy who came into your life was a weasel just making his way in to do harm. I’m glad he is gone. Ofcourse he tried to make himself spiritual. He pulled out all his cards!!!! Asshole

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