Family friends

Filth knocks on their door

behind the false embraces of a family friend

whose spittle dangles from the lips of his unclean soul 

spittle glistens in impotence behind the cuff of his robe 

irreverent ignominious sanctimonious incestuous betrayal of priestly prose


 the perversity of his soul–

which sips hell’s communion,

(drinking Judas wine)


down the family’s window pain

for a moment

but then there would be  other moments 


unsullied as new dew streaming through the sunlit roses of their fingers  

they would watch silver  moons rising over beaches of unbroken sand dollars

welcome new friends into new places in their hearts

and as before, 

it would be again

there would be rainbows 

tick tocking of days

heartbeats of swan wings in the air…

their family


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