What if Jesus was black?

What if Jesus was black as 

“in the beginning” 

sky gardens,  

planting full moons

and souls

and blessings in 

Eden and 

kosher gall nut ink 

on Torah scrolls ?

What if His hands were dark as 

blood dried whips

on a cross 

where He didn’t ask to be hung?

What if His feet were black 

as coffin nails


out of humanity’s heart


the grave to 


His world 



in the teeth 

with 2 black heels?

What if when He was on the cross

the sky was torn in half 

so the world would remember 

black skies 

“and in the beginning” words?

What if the Word became flesh as

dark as gall nut Torah?
What if Love fell from the heavens like black checkers 

jumping over oppression, 


and X-marks-the-spot power trips?

What if He spoke to the world 

through Martin Luther









  1. I literally think about this everyday. What if he used Martin Luther King Jr. as an example. They always say God works in mysterious ways. I believe it. Martin taught about justice against racism and the Holiness of God. He received so much hate for it but he never reacted with violence, just like with Jesus.

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    • Exactly… and who knows .. what if Jesus was black … some believe He was… but if so … that should give reason to hold oneself to a higher standard of love … not an I’m better than you let’s kill those who aren’t black mentality..

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      • Totally agree. Just like nobody asks about Adam and Eve. They were here before God decided to make different races and languages. And in some Bible stories I read as a kid, the people from the Bible that were in these books were always white. I have never seen pictures of black people. So how can we be sure that white is the official race of humanity if Adam and Eve existed before different races and languages were created. We don’t know this, we may never know. Faith is what’s important, not about questioning the one who created us.

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