It’s OK…

to put your pen down,

OK… to breathe and


at how your tea bag rustles in shallow ripples,

OK …

to let your laptop sleep

so you can watch little guppies rest in sunlit shadows 

and nibble on poesy …

let their glitter fill your soul 

and wait …

for profunditys’ heights 

and deeps…

to find you


  1. Now, Kae, this is what I would call for me a necessary and corrective word. Rarely, do I put down my pen or remove my hands from the keyboard (as is now the case!). Thank you for this. Thank you again and again.

    On immediate second thought (always have them!), I do find that in my most extroverted mode of being that I oft discern what I’m thinking and feeling, sometimes beyond and deeper than anything heretofore I had known, when I write or speak.

    Still, yours is a good word.

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