Love Challenge

(*The Blue Whale Challenge has led to the suicide of at least 130 teens, and many other instances of self harm. Hundreds and thousands of posts of Blue Whale involvement have appeared on Instagram)

Aren’t we tired of pulling punches when it comes to showing love,

and rationalizing 

instead of risking 

ourselves, our guts our blood

like ostrich heads in selfish sands …

and fearful wingless flight 

in lands 

where infanticide and homicide and suicide run rampant 

in lonely fields where hate and kills multiply like rabbits 

societal ills and

bitter habits, ignorant justice…

unforgiveness continuing reproductions 

of our undone-ness

children becoming blue whales 

on beaches where mothers wail 

and fathers die

a million deaths of what could have 

should have been…

where was I…

our wings lay clipped

our punches pulled

and faces on this pinwheel full 

of unforgiveness

telling stories of how our world’s soul

sells hope to lands of

love’s near misses


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