you don’t answer my text,

I won’t slip away

in a wandering mist,


about what is wrong with 


or fall

into a fault

where blizzards fight

day and night

Because….Because…Because…Because … Because

just because … 

you can not see 

what you missed

will not  mean 


cease to…



  1. A tiny bird whispered in my ear
    That your birthday is near
    You more than exist
    You live
    And through your life
    You have blessed mine
    Happy birthday sweet friend

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  2. Hmmm, here, too, Kae, I believe, you’ve struck a nearly universal chord of human existing/relating. Who among us has written/reached out to another and, when not receiving a reply, journeyed into that inner shadow region of self-doubt, perhaps, self-disparagement (“Is it me?”), then, one prays, rising from that place/space to declare, “I exist on my…in my own right irrespective of your lack of reply (verily, reply).”

    All this said, I wonder…to whom were you writing at this or at any time that led you, first, into that inner world of self-wonderment?

    Always, your writing speaks to my soul. Sometimes in delightful, spritely ways…at other times, sorrowfully. Yet, speak you do to me.

    Thank you.

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  3. Oh how much we live in our own worlds, thinking that those who are not in our world do not matter or even if we do not admit it, or cannot exist without our influence… Nice word jazz, clearly communicating the melody without playing it directly…

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