God rest you precious gentlemen

Some of my favorite gents

are sight


blogging away behind the keys



on various themes…

angel eyed fish 

swimming in streams 

of compassion

rather than other masculine actions

requiring suffragettes and

Me Too hashtags 

dear gentlemen

how you have blessed me

your kindness 

and encouragement

have helped me 

to believe

a man could actually 



so here’s my # Thank You

and my Christmas wish…

God bless you




  1. About a year ago I took a break from dating… and during this process I realized how often I had been disrespected by the men I dated… hence… some of the poems I have written.. a couple assured me that my thoughts were ridiculous and not worth listening to… i have been thinking for some time that I wanted to thank the men who have encouraged me on WP that my thoughts are valuable … and felt the need to balance some of my frustrated poetry with the men I’ve dated , with a thank you piece to those who have been part of my healing process during this dating sabbatical … and yes!… oh my goodness… the women here are loveliness as well !… such as you my armadillo princess:)…

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  2. Kae, though recent our WP connection, would that I have the honor of being numbered about your fav gents!

    Regarding your “…and felt the need to balance some of my frustrated poetry with the men I’ve dated, with a thank you…” hmmm, this word of yours resonated within me. Sometimes, in my writing, I touch on the dark, shadowy aspects of my nature to the point that I sometimes (perhaps oft) think that no one wants to read that or others may consider me protesting too much. Then I think, I pray not with arrogance that, truth to tell, I write primarily for myself. If and when others find benefit or blessing from something I’ve shared, then I, in the words of Apostle James, count it all joy. So, my dear sister, thanks for your thanks to and for whomever you have in mind. Yet, I pray, please write as you write, knowing that principally you are taking a hand at self-healing, taking your God-guided hand at soothing your soul.

    Deepest love and highest respect,

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    • You are one of them yes!…:) and thank you Paul… yes… facing pain brings truth .. truth sets free… accepting and receiving good accompany thankfulness… which is again… another truth… truth sets free:)… all part of healing process :)… thanks again for your thoughtful comments


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