Oh holy 

Kamikaze flight 

nosediving in a star lit night,

some poor bastard  laying in a manger…

what a way to be born…I’m  just sayin

wanders around talkin like he’s gonna die?


Mary’s pride 


He’s the Son of God????

early onset schizophrenia

carpenter dementia

violence and temple whips

ADHD impulsivity

love inspired insanity 

passion filled 

death defying star light

nose diving  kamikaze flight 

crashing judgements-

up and running 

filling stockings, sending  cards 


(the  unemployed, the broken  whores, the crazy  nuts …and hypocrites)

you and me and he and she and Tiny Tim 

in all our facets, 

of glimmering dripping starlight



  1. Now, Kae, this post evokes an immediate smile, and then a laugh, and then an audible “Hmmm…”

    God knows that I believe no reader can know fully the mind of the writer (I also believe no writer can know fully her/his mind!), which is why writing and reading are inherently interpretive.

    That said, this is where I run (or I should say, have run so far) with this post (because I’ll continue to ponder it)…

    God or Jesus or the whole bloody Holy Family is the kamikaze flight, diving into this world, verily, our flesh to do…to be love (which is madness!). Yet where I’m truly stirred is in how I perceive your closing sentiments pertaining to those (all of us) who receive the gifts. That is, we who, “in all our facets, of glimmering dripping starlight”. Hmmm… The image arises in my mind…and heart that the dust of which we are made as described in the Genesis creation story is, indeed, stardust. I like that.

    Much love and appreciation,

    Liked by 1 person

    • Good morning Paul and Merry Christmas:)… was so happy to see your comment !…. love your take on this… I was thinking of Genesis … how all are created in His image and thinking about some of the passionate ADHD children I have taught and saw in their passion at times they resemble Jesus in their shock value… and how Jesus -God is reflected in these children … the shocking ADHD part of God who would be born to look like an illegitimate child, would grab whips, would show up in burning bushes etc…and how… in these days…many ” Normal ” folks hand out diagnoses to attributes that folks engaged in in the Bible… wailing and mourning for sin and deliverance could be diagnosed as depression, visions- schizophrenia , believing you’re a chosen nation – narcissism… I am not saying all diagnoses are wrong but I am questioning the idea that mental health is normative rather than a somewhat societal expression of what folks want people to be to contribute to their agenda … and that agenda not including the all out radical worship of God … all of us made to reflect Him…………… Your stardust idea is lovely… if so… coming full circle with the star of Bethlehem… perhaps it is so… mystery upon mystery… blessings:) Kae


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