Where shall I flee

if I ascend to heaven

if I make my bed in hell

if i take the wings of the morning

dwell in the uttermost parts of the sea

your love will find straw tossed 

shepherds and wise men 

angels and inns and 

mangers and me


  1. A lovely “take” on Psalm 139. And, Kae, I’m pondering “straw tossed”, that is, flung into the wind and landing where’er. Where my mind runs is the association of straw tossed with all of those you name – “shepherds and wise men angels and inns and mangers and me”. Hmmm, we’re all straw tossed in some way, I think. A blessed thing to know and to be reminded that there is no place we can go or be tossed where God’s love cannot AND will not find us. Always, my thanks

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    • Hi Paul, thanks and yes am so glad you caught the straw tossed… for me, it has to do with exactly what u said … I imagined straw tossed fodder, both in the manger and perhaps on a busy night even possibly in the shepherds hair… as they spent nights out and about… the human unkemptness of life… and Jesus willingness to go there for us.., not surrounded by perfectly placed straw.. and perfectly quiet pastoral life when born , but the tossedness of it all.. He found us… and lived as one tossed …to be with us… tossing waves .. and tossing fears and so much unkempt… because where we were… He must be also…because of His love for us… even so where He is we will be…if we had stayed in the garden after we sinned … we would have not known who He was for it would have been a false relationship based on our belief that we could better ourselves, earn love, when the truth was we were already loved so completely by Him… I believe we were sent away so as to learn psalm 139… He loved us then, loves us now…


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