After … ( a poem about sex trafficking)

There were supposed to be dreams as blue 

 as her grandmother’s eyes 

and skies and oceans and everything 

opening up

that’s what her future had always told her


petals of innocence fell outside the window 


she trys to remember her grandmother

other times  she  trys  

not to


  1. Lord, have mercy, Kae, I did not discern the focus, the inspiration of this poem until I clicked “Like”. As I first read it, it described for me the sorrowing sentiment of anyone – any one of us – who, at a younger day and time had hopes for the future, which were dashed by life’s difficulties. That remains true for me. However, now knowing the heart of the poem beats with an indelible ache of those scarred by the cruelty of sex trafficking, the pain…my sympathetic pain is deepened. For this, I, though anguished, thank you.

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