Ignoring you …

There was a time when I believed 

if i could just be 

what you wanted

from me 

then i would be “alright”…

til i heard another time

 fluttering crisp where thorns bloom on sands

and pastels frost  salty petals 

and pearls uncork perfumes of beach roses 

which  float somewhere above 


and that is when i remembered you 

and what you wanted from me 

so i spread out my towel…

and just ignored you

 for a really 




  1. Kae, this speaks powerfully to me of that inner (inherent?) need to seek to satisfy the wants and needs of others that I be this or that (and, truth be told, in most cases in my life when I sought to do this, I believe I was responding more to what I perceived the other desired, which may or may not have been largely a reflection of what and who I wished I was, but was not!). You also speak to my coming, growing awareness and acceptance of who I am and am becoming. Thanks for this…and for you. Love and peace

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