Steam… haiku

Steam on her glasses…
Frost on rusty window panes…

 Her soul sips cocoa …


  1. Ok now I must know where you get your inspiration…do you see a picture and get it from that, or does it come first and you find a photo to match. Is it a fleeting thought, something you see, something you feel, a moment, a lifetime, do you write when it hits you that second or do you contemplate it….i think that is enough questions for a day 🙂

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    • :)… thanks for asking… I pray…and am in nature a lot… a year ago I left a really hostile work environment… and needed to approach life differently… but mainly… I pray…sometimes I wake up with poetry going through my head,… I look for pics after the poem is done generally…as you know … in our brokenness He finds us… and in this season the Lord and I speak to each other …in poetry….


      • That is a beautiful answer that I was not prepared for at all!!!!
        How moving and touching and profound.
        I’m very glad you got away from hostility and you can be with the Lord.
        I spend a lot of my day in prayer in nature too. Most of my day I would say. I don’t know what I could do if I did not have the Lord. I suppose I would not be here.
        Thank you for answering!

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