Everything aromatic


how pillows seemed to grow 

on our old love seat

til you swore you could hear

the fizz of daffodils 

bursting out of satin gardens

in December?

and our coffee table 

where piles of chocolate covered almonds bathed 

in liqueur 

of some kind

or other…

everything aromatic and 


and so full of love

the bubbles in our kefir glasses couldn’t help

but join us 

as we waltzed in moonlight and tiptoed around snow angels 

What was it we listened to…


I remember how 

my head swayed upon your chest

and how 

when I listened hard enough to your heart beat

I swore I could hear the roar of the sea

the smell of breezes and seagull feathers 

mixing with soft fallen snow

and icicles floating in foamy glasses,

as we sat 

amongst pillows…

sat up all night listening 

to our love ferment

in seashells

(Because I dared an Armadillo)


  1. Oh my goodness! I’m on my knees here; not only is this good but it’s my recipe exactly! Bubbles of ahh are exuding from my pores.
    A wonderful write Ms Bouquets❣️❣️

    Liked by 1 person

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