I was

For awhile,

i wandered 

around old grave yards,

looking for where you hid 



under a hateful dark moon

i played hide and seek amongst tombstones 

calling come out come out wherever you are


all i saw 

were shadows of you and me


which arose with a hint of sun,

only to fall softly around my neck 

like a noose,

pulling me somewhere beyond icy seas,


you weren’t there


i watched the sun splinter into driftwood,

tried to  bargain with the moon,

if i made those angel biscuits you used to love,

then maybe I’d feel

the broadness of your back

like i did

when we slept,

two doves to a bed covered with love


you weren’t there to hear my whispers 

soft as teardrops,

and dark clouds rained dirt clods til quicksand 

became my hiding place …

perhaps you planted flowers for 


i guess i’ll never know 



the great yellow cat chased the moon away…

you were not there


I was

washing my hands in a spring

listening to little ripples 

call my name

startling a shadow around a cherry tree

watching a dandelion blow feathers 
into the breeze



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