How sesame seeds are good for North Korea and folks around the World:)

Sooo… what do you think of sesame seeds…yummy Asian food…tahini dip… good stuff huh? This morning I have been drinking raw vegan sesame milk. Did you know a 1/4 cup of sesame seeds has more calcium than a glass of milk? Hellooo… Beautiful Teeth:) Pluuuusss…. a quarter cup contains 163% copper…which will help keep your beautiful locks of hair from turning grey! If you’re interested in the recipe keep reading:)
Annnnnd… for your commercial break…let’s talk a little politics… I know… I know… we are surrounded by the stuff and you’re sick of it. But before you check out…did you know that Koreans love the sesame seed? Oh…you already figured that since lots of Asian cuisines do huh?
Ok… well…uhhh…did you know that sesame seeds contains zinc which is great for beautiful skin? You know what else zinc does? It helps fight depression and anxiety which is a really good thing for North Koreans…seeing as North Korea is one of the most repressive places for folks to live on the planet. Yes.. here come the politics… but I promise it will only be a smackerel:)
The leaders of this country demand nothing less than to be worshipped and penalties for not worshipping are high. Freedom of speech is a joke. Questioning leadership or it’s policies is punishable by torture, prison camps or public execution.
Glad you stuck around for that. Recipe Time:)
Sesame Seed Milk
Please put the following ingredients in a blender. I use a Blendtech…but have found that a regular blender works well on nut milks as long as you don’t mind some chunkier parts at the bottom…or… you can strain this. Good warm or cold:)

1/4 C sesame seeds

1/4 C dates

teaspoon vanilla

pinch of salt

3-4 C water depending how thick you want it

(This is a basic version. You can also add ginger or any other yummy spices that would add to this exotic treat) I wanted a powerful antioxidant boost as well so I included green tea and ginger in mine this morning… would love for you to try this recipe and give it your own special tweak..if you do… please share with the rest of us:)
P.S. While you’re enjoying your calcium rich masterpiece… shoot up a little prayer for N. Korea?..:)

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