My Mom is just like Yeshua

My daughter wrote this poem for me… I’m speechless..

Stephanie's Ninth Suitcase

Like Samuel in his linen ephod,

a little girl hearing the voice of the LORD

(only, she was taken from her father,

not given to the LORD)

Like Solomon, hearing a bereaved mother

[only, make that a bereaving mother, and (how is this possible?)

a five-year-old Shlomo]

Like Tamar at twelve, violated,

with no avenging Absalom

(only, toss in a couple more perverted family members)

But she loves like Yeshua.

Like Samson, fiery for her family

(only she’s the one who ought to be defended)

She is Ruth, loyal truth-seeker from a pagan land

(only with a mother-out-of-law instead of a mother-in-law)

She is a Jew of Jews, and a stranger to the “church”

when at sixteen, she sees MORE

the God who sees

and He sees her, like Nathanael,

under the tree.

She is like Peter, zealous for the Lord,

right down to wielding that

double-edged sword

(of truth)

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