he breaks her heart

he needs 


to forgive and 



she needs 


to try to restore and 



she used to fly


he broke her wings,

 two lovers 


’round reflections of clouds 

in puddles


      • Hi Kae, when I studied theology I discovered how the majority of Christianity comes out of our Jewish beginnings. I am curious do you meet for worship on Saturday or Sunday. Do you celebrate both Christian and Jewish festivals? What do you love most about being a Messianic Jew? I believe that when the great religions of the world work and pray together we can be part of healing the world. You seem like a deeply spiritual woman and I feel blessed to know you. 🌹Roland

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      • Hi Roland:)… my daughters and I celebrate both holidays… :)…awesome invitations in Scripture from Yah to enjoy festivals… Pesach, Shavuot, Yom Kippur, Purim:)… much fun:)… we celebrate a holiday every week on Shabbat …:)… how great is that?… some see the festivals as a bad thing we are freed from… they equate festivals with law… but how awesome that Yah would command us to go on a holiday… to give us different holidays and seasons and new moons to direct our eyes towards Him… to celebrate with Him… throughout the year…Part of the blessing given to Christians is to be grafted into the Jewish family… much understanding comes from being Jewish… my fathers family fled Hungary and Galicia just before the holocaust… celebrating being Jewish connects me and my daughters to our Jewish family around the world … and for me… Jesus (Yeshua is the meaning of life)

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