Grocery Romance

because Stephanie thought it was funny


the lines may have been written 

on yellow paper

but his script was strong

and the words were right

and she read them 

over and over

’til he  wrapped her around his garlicky finger

and  visions of the two of them

feasting on salads

in meadows flowing with butter …


2 cloves of garlic,

a package of angel hair pasta 

8 oz. of parmesan…

and a bunch of flowers-make sure they’re not old

a refrain 

which she knew

would forever change 

the way 

she looked at grocery stores

she thought his name might be 


and she…Eliza Jane

drifting around aisles

dreaming about the fellow

who accidentally left

a card 

within her grocery cart

which looked 

an awful lot like 

a checked off grocery list


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