Feathers  in a dryer

Plopped on a kitchen chair like a pile of sleepy laundry,

my old grey sweat shirt 

falls off one of my shoulders

yet rumples  around the rest of me,

while my thoughts…

unsure as the sky who drips 

a white moon on the left

and plays 

with sunrise on the right…

run like feathers in somewhat erratic gusts,

the dryer thumps 

out doubts 

about what i will wear today,

the rim of a mason jar reflects a bit of light

like sunshine on a lake ,

rather than 

across from me- playing on my phone 

wondering exactly

how cold the shower will be

(the water heater broke awhile back)

i will probably shiver

i often do 

as waves break 

around me

my heartbeat silkening 

growing sleek 

as a seal on a craggy rock

morning to the right of me

the rumpling moon 



  1. How encouraging of u!… As are your posts … :)…interesting connection for me that you saw mystery in this and great encouragement for me personally as I was just writing what I was experiencing as I sat in my kitchen this morning … and wondered if what sometimes feels like such an ordinary existence would be of any interest … but… life in and of itself is… a wonder…blessings to u… and have a lovely day:)


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