Welcome to Word Press:)

Welcome welcome welcome budding bloggers:)… 

I’m so glad you’re here.  As a relatively new blogger myself, I just want to give you a quick heads up about some  sites who tend to host budding bloggers  who have hospitably reblogged some of my posts.  They have  encouraged me so much that I just can’t keep them a secret anymore.

You might want to check out:

Coyote poetry


Joanna of the forest

A believer in the Jewish Messiah

Bethany K

The militant negro

Sharon Allison Butt

In addition I have had the great fortune of connecting with some awesome bloggers who seem to love to go about dropping encouraging comments on a regular basis. I love these guys and would strongly encourage you check out:

Ben Aquiba

Percolating Poetry

The Wandering Armadillo

Kaws Reflections

And of course there is a whole world of  other wonderful encouragers out there …ready to  meet you as well!

I hope you find them soon:)

And once again, Welcome, Welcome Welcome:)




  1. How awesome is this! I’m doing cartwheels because you have placed me in the presence of some lovely folk like the Percolator and Ben A. Thank you Ms Bouquets, you are a one in a million 😌

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