Whispers of will

Will you see me …

a whippoorwill amidst glass…

when you spy my broken pieces strewn 

over miles and miles of beaches

or will you search amongst sandy strands…

find a pebble…and call it me?

see a drift wood clasped about some rotting weed-

and say “oh look!

it looks like she is praying “…

and play with 

whether or not you should put that thing

which you think is me

in your pocket

 as though I 

am a desperate seashell

waiting to be stuck


than a whisper of  ocean roars

who will at some point

turn to quicksand in your pocket

so quick!

toss me back…

and watch for me in moonlit hues 

and glimpses of whippoorwill wings

as i gather my skirts in feathery sprays and flow like eddies

as i collect myself in fathoms

you might hear me..

even if you can’t see me…

a sea whispering back

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