an eye for an eye

and a tooth for a tooth

and so such sayings whisper

“the past won’t pass til suns set on necks of unbelievers”

whisper to blades of grass

til all is struck with human pestilence

and  meadow bird’s blood 

pools in shadows struck

with whispered unforgiveness

remember not the olive tree, the  dove which hides within her

forgive not 

but rather whisper to the sword

til blood pours off the gleaming edge

and wailing 



must now live to kill their neighbor 

because of familie’s feud fed 

home grown anger

what chance have these 

of life itself

growing in all its splendor

when caught upon 

edges of tongues who whisper


now is never ?


  1. Interesting opening lines as I’ve always felt that the old adage leaves everyone toothless and blind (kind of funny -and sad at the same time – if you think about it). I’ve always found the best way to avenge the wrongdoing of ourselves or another is to simply move past it and live life, happily and prosperously. Nothing really gets beneath the skin of those wishing us harm than witnessing us living life to the fullest. I love where this piece took me. Thanks for sharing this, Kae!

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