Like Lassie… 

For my sweet bloggers who sit 

where homing rivers and pigeons and swallows 

and any number of sheepdogs

find themselves sniffing early morning mists

listening to sun drops sizzle over 

buttercups in waffling fields 

of warblers and swallows and 


who was never really lost at all,

but just stopping 

for a moment

as all living things do

to listen to sunrise…

creaking floor boards 

and cooing babies

and children snuggling like little sausages

 in beds strewn across the world 

and beans and rice 

and chopsticks

and countless other wonderful things

our world orders itself with

and me too

watching Morning dip her toes 

in homing rivers

shaking rainbows out of my hair 

and wait a minute …

you are there too

washing your hands 

in Life 

before you eat your breakfast

pouring your hopes

 into your favorite mug

getting ready to run like Lassie

through fields of wildflowers

Have such a wonderful day:)


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