Intro: Daily Random Questions

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During my days cashiering in college (aka four months ago), I had a practice of asking customers a daily random question. I’d write the question on a paper plate (pictured), and ask away! It was a fun way to get to know people, and it filled the gap as I waited for the credit card reader to do its thing.

Now, I’d like to ask a daily question on WordPress, and get to know people here.
(And, you’ll have the advantage of having more than 15 seconds to respond πŸ˜‰)
I’d love to hear from you, and I’m starting off with five oldies from my time behind the register.
1. If you had a weather show, what would you call it?

2. Which inanimate object would you interview?

3. Which famous singer would you do karaoke with?

4. Which historical figure would you like to have as a professor?


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  1. Very engaging idea Stephanie! I’d probably forget my Pin number though if I was multi-tasking at your check out ha!
    For question3, I would choose to do karaoke with Shirley Bassey (your mum might remember her) and belt out the James Bond theme “Goldfinger”. It’s a power ballad kind of evening lol!

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  2. I would like to have queen Victoria as my professor. I would also to have my great grandmother.. who was apparently a really interesting character. πŸ‘β­οΈ

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