What if Jesus was Black?

What if Jesus was black as 
“in the beginning” 
sky gardens,  
planting full moons
and souls
and blessings in 
Eden and 
kosher gall nut ink 
on Torah scrolls ?
What if His hands were dark as 
blood dried whips
on a cross 
where He didn’t ask to be hung?
What if His feet were black 
as coffin nails
out of humanity’s heart
the grave to 
His world 
in the teeth 
with 2 black heels?
What if when He was on the cross
the sky was torn in half 
so the world would remember 
black skies 
“and in the beginning” words?
What if the Word became flesh as
dark as gall nut Torah?

What if Love fell from the heavens like    black checkers 
jumping over oppression, 
and X-marks-the-spot power trips?
What if He spoke to the world 
through Martin Luther


      • No, thank you! Beautiful words as always Love.
        Hope your interactions with my sex haven’t been getting worse. Seen all your recent quotes. Just hope you don’t let the unawakened men speak for us all. 🙂

        (But they irk me big time too.)

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      • Lol… in quotes and poetry I often write what I need to write.. we all want to be seen.. and heard and valued for who we are…I have been pulling off a 9 month dating sabbatical … I used to be in somewhat of a dating whirl… getting to know my heart, the heart of my God… and where I stand … the quotes reflect my commitment and desire to encourage others regarding sexual purity

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    • Yes … both irrelevant as we know we are all in His image … and relevant in times like this though to consider … consider … possibilities and values within all of us:)… and what it means to reflect Him in ways each of us was made to be… black, white, female , male… and to value the potential of each of us..

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