her bowl scorched hot

as smoking suns

for she was the 

yellow bellied girl

who angered her mother 

because she hid 


her hermit shell



so her mother 


” What is wrong with you?

All my friends will think

I beat you!”

and so 

the mother yanked 

at the girl’s small claw 

’til it snapped

and smelled 

like something scorched.

why  was she

so unlike 

other daughters 

who wore neatly pressed 


she was the daughter 

 who fell apart

in a bowl of 


like some kind of foreign thing

she melted swimmingly 

into her


quietly dying 

each time 

her mother served 

scorching hot 


and demanded to know


she was so 



  1. Ah, this is so heavy and sad. I love how you juxtapose the scorched hot bowl with frozen in her shell. The misconception of many a parent is that all children should be a certain way and they do their best to make their kids something they are not. I don’t know why some parents simply cannot encourage their children to be who they are. I really like where this takes me, Kae.

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