There’s no contest when it comes to how awesome our kids are …right?  Buckets on a Barefoot Beach would like to honor one child each week by publishing a brief bio about how wonderful they are.  Will you partner with me in honoring the special children in your life?

Here’s how:

1. Go to the Contact section on

2. Send a 1 to 2 paragraph bio on an awesome kid who you’d like to honor or encourage with this award. Please include the following:

– child’s first name only ( we’re online and we want to protect the identity of the child)

– a description of the child’s awesomeness, which could include one or more of the following -budding talents, beautiful character traits, achievements, an obstacle your child has conquered or something that makes this child a hero in your eyes.

– child’s interests or hobbies

3.  Include a link to your blog so that folks will know who some of the awesome encouragers are on Word Press.

4. When your child’s bio is chosen, reblog the post honoring him or her.

5.  Share this award with your child.

*This award is for any amazing child in your life, neighbor, student, niece, nephew etc.

*You are more than welcome to include a poem your child has written or a story… or…..?

I hope to publish our first awesome child’s bio on Sunday.

Thanks for reading and would love to hear from you 🙂



    • Shreya… although I love photography I rarely do any:(… so far I’m mainly a poet… all the pics I use are free in the common domain online ..but thanks so much for thinking of me:)… hugs:)

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