Like flocks of salmon

Water thunders over rocks,

my heart thumps low in gradience,

limps ‘tween ribs 

of river rocks

and foam flecked flocks of rapids.

Seagulls ,

if there ever were

a punchy crunchy river crew

a snapping screeching blinding view

gleam sharp as beaks 

between my eyes.

‘Tween sands and sky’s I think

and blinks of waves…

I suck on rivulets,

speculate the rapid’s bed…

like herds of salmon

 I descry 

a watery grave

to wake me-

a salty maned feral Red

staring jetties 

in the eye

‘tween ribs of seas 

…watch me fly 

like flocks of salmon colored sprites


raging storm clouds 

thunder cries

and lightening strikes



~ I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me~


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