Like Light

You won’t 

be able to tape me 

to the mirror

above your dresser

above your piles of socks,

and mounds of clocks which 

showcase frozen minute hands

as stiff and sad as graveside flowers

as dead 

as frosty veined old daisies

laying limply in the fog

where everyone


and pretends to have arrived

for I simply

have not…

I want to swing 

from minute hands

as they tick tock click clack

over railroad tracks,

feel my heart start,

gaze into the eyes of a deer before 

it runs into the forest…

feel Mother Earth pulse beneath

my bare feet,

write the poetry as it undulates 

through pages of my life

like heat waves

rippling above desert sands,

see the oasis 

teeming with hope

dive deep

come up wet,

pant like the moon

playing hide and seek 

with night clouds,

long for the tide,

drip dry amongst weeds,

gaze at the sun,

climb the coconut tree,

wine and dine the homeless

until they are full 

of hope,

warble like a bird,

heal the sick,

whisper to moonlight,

pray for peace,

rise from the dead

Amen and Amen

I want to live

until I die

and then reverberate like



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