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    • Thanks! Recently I was called an Angel and I’d never heard it before. In truth I’m just a man who believes whole heartedly in love. Self love most of all. As well as the beautifully courageous strength of a woman. These two pieces in particular highlight that aspect of you. It hurts me to see you’ve been hurt, I’m deducing, like this. And not only is that a sign of great writing but yet again courage.

      You’re not sheltering yourself or denying what you’ve been through.

      This is a much longer comment than intended…sorry. Last bit though, my mom went through this with my biological father. He had lots of things he didn’t want to figure out and his actions towards her were the result. But a woman should be treated as a queen, always. A partner, an equal. Two people side by side through Life’s bumpy ride; hand in hand. Blessed should be he who would be called “your man.”

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    • Hehe, thank you. It was fun to write that out. If I don’t indulge my “flaws” how could I expect those courageous enough to get close to me to? 🙂

      And yes, most people are surprised when they find out about what I saw/witnessed as a kid and how it molded me into this…compassionate, driven, loving, dorkily-sporty weirdo haha.

      I’m glad I was able to give you some sense of encouragement and hope, even if only a glimpse. Sometimes, that’s all it takes. 🙂

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  1. Love your site name by the way 🙂 It promotes a feeling of relaxation and calm. The waves of the ocean lapping gently over your barefoot as you walk in the sand, sinking in ever so slightly with each step until the small waves wash up to rescue you.

    That’s what i see anyways.

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  2. No, thank you! 🙂 I love the ocean and water in general. It’s soothing, especially under a full moon. It’s like…a natural beauty explosion! Haha.

    I sent you a message on your “Contact me” I’m never sure if they work on some sites haha.

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  3. This is truly gut-wrenching stuff, Kae. You are giving us glimpses of something so personal that I can only imagine a sliver of what you must have gone through. Thanks for this … the most prized and true gift: your self.

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  4. Your poem is an example of power in brevity. I mean its straight forward bit it hits you in the right places . Almost makes me wanna yell out the lines to someone. Good job.

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