We  breathe

Do you ever wonder if love exists

when stuff you really wanted…

No hear me-

REALLY wanted,

limps and walks away

as quietly as a loved one

carrying a cardboard box

who looks back once

looks back twice 


and simply dissipates 

into a wistful mist -ful hope 

which slips 

out your bedroom window

leaving you…


Yeah… me too

Wondering if and 

when and how 

and where and


and DASH it 


-does love really exist at all-

but you know…

it may sound silly…

but I often feel

it kiss the breeze

within my breath

tickle my lungs with hope

and ask me

to look at crescent moons

to arise with sunrises

and once again

watch for it 

flutter through pinwheels,

i cannot grasp 


or fasten it

to a cardboard Valentine frame

but i believe it holds me

i believe it holds 


i breathe 

so i believe…

in love

you breathe 

so i believe

you were made

for love


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