After sunrise, she cries…

for today



Her shaking, 

paints ripples 

on dimpled 


as her leaves 


like hummingbird stones

and the rivers weep

and the lizards hide

and the world 

turns black

as ashes.

Together…they peel

like strips of bark,

like green winged hummingbird

drops of blood 

who…impatient with death 

rise, fly 


Gethsemane’s tomb… 

singing “Ollie ollie oxen free,

you can’t catch 


they wing

 like skipping stones,

leap up 

and over 

garden walls…

Holding hands

Life and her King paint sparkles 

on wide eyed rivers

as they pass by,

and watch 

for dimpled baby lizards 

who …

giggle,romp and wiggle 

before the sun sets

in Eden.

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