Ribbon slippered moon


heaven hangs a ribbon of moon 

upon the twilit sky.

Unfurled, she is a sweet-faced moon,

a slender, shining grace.

Damsels wearing sparkling gems

which flutter glittery, starry hems 

proffer silver spoons on lace-lit trays

while the baby moon sleeps quietly,

 a hush upon her face.

She reaches tiny fingers 

 towards her glittering , starry hosts.

On evenings, she grows moonbeams 

and the pretty damsels sigh

“Oh, isn’t she a darling? 

A small lit moon is she.

Look how she jostles Sunrise

to rouse him from his sleep.”

Silently she grows,

quietly she grows and never sighs

with pearl-lit hands, she proffers nights 

which twirl like shells in moonlit swirls, 

her glowing slippers wrap around 

her gleaming slender legs 

with ribbons of angels strings

she dances




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