after tick tocking around the sun

for 50 + years

i recognize that it is time for me

to call everyone “sweetie”

to dance to elevator music

in grocery stores

and when I can’t remember

the jokes we told when I was a kid,

I think I’ll just be one:)

10 thoughts on “50+”

      1. Better than yesterday. I had massive panic from that contrast apparently it is a common allergy. I am allergic to every thing under the sun. Prefer to go holistic, but with somethings you just can’t. I am attempting with husband by my side to get out today. Hopefully with God knowing all we need to do all will be good. We have 6 weeks for house to be on the market. Golly darn it. So God knows all, and He is my keeper. We shall see, and I step out. Hopefully not bleaker than yesterday. Blessings West Coast rules ✌

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    1. 🙂 throughout the years mine has chased me down … as much as I’ve tried to be normal… she always catches me… and yells to folks around… Here she is!… she was only pretending to be an adult!… mid century magnificents!… awesome title for us… I may wear it like a helmet😉… have a wonderful day 🙂

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      1. There you are! Hooray! In your full, unrestrained self. It’s truly sad when we think the time for play, dance and laughter has passed! Have a wonderful day too !😀

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