after tick tocking around the sun

for 50 + years

i recognize that it is time for me

to call everyone “sweetie”

to dance to elevator music

in grocery stores

and when I can’t remember

the jokes we told when I was a kid,

I think I’ll just be one:)


      • Better than yesterday. I had massive panic from that contrast apparently it is a common allergy. I am allergic to every thing under the sun. Prefer to go holistic, but with somethings you just can’t. I am attempting with husband by my side to get out today. Hopefully with God knowing all we need to do all will be good. We have 6 weeks for house to be on the market. Golly darn it. So God knows all, and He is my keeper. We shall see, and I step out. Hopefully not bleaker than yesterday. Blessings West Coast rules ✌

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