One Lovely Blogger Award

Image of One Lovely Blogger Award

What a wonderful surprise!  Linda J. Wolff at urban poetry has nominated me for the One Lovely Blogger Award.  Thanks so much Linda:)  Linda is a prolific producer of micro-poems and art ensembles.  She is also a lovely cyber hostess and I am sure she would be thrilled if you’d drop by and say hello:)


Each nominee must thank the person who nominated them and link their blog in their post. They must include the rules and add the blog award badge as an image.

Must add 7 facts about themselves.
Nominate  (up to) 15 people to do the award!

So let’s do this:)

7 Facts About Me:

  1. Writing runs in my family.  I have a college age daughter who has been published in Home Decor magazines across the country.  She is my go to gal for editing help.
  2. My editorials and satires have been published on political websites all over the internet.
  3. My blog began because I thought I was funny and could woo the hearts of readers with my humor.
  4. The humor experiment pretty much failed so I am delving into poetic languages found throughout the world.
  5. I love love love fairy tales… so hey…am giving that a whirl.
  6. I still tell myself jokes even if others don’t laugh.
  7. I am Pro-Life for all creatures.  And yes…I believe in LOVE.

I would like to nominate all of my bloggers for this award, but since that is against the rules I will nominate 15.  Please check out the following amazing bloggers:

  1. Stephanie’s Ninth Suitcase
  2. Lee’s Bird
  3. USA Through Our Eyes
  4. Delighted In Jesus
  5. John Coyote
  6. Ward Clever
  7. Shadow of Gevros
  8. R L Seaton
  9. Healing the Storm
  10. Bethany Kay
  11. Joseph’s Daily Walk
  12. Ahavaha
  13. Eran’s Divrey Torah
  14. Literary Fuzz
  15. Gaiainaction


  1. “The humor experiment pretty much failed so I am delving into poetic languages found throughout the world.”

    Lolest! I will take that with a pinch!
    I still think you are funny and enjoy your sense of humor on some pieces.

    Thanks for nominating for this award.

    Blessings always.

    Liked by 1 person

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