falling petals  in N.Korea ( a sijo)

Happy socks fall like petals, flower shoes slip off hungry girl’s feet…for Mother’s Day war wagon ride, good mother gives one hard-boiled egg…yellow  yolked sun sets too soon…  in march hunger eats happy flowers…

(In N. Korea, one hard-boiled egg is given to a person who is on the brink of starvation-induced death. Hopefully, the egg will provide enough nourishment to continue life…if not, the egg is given so the person will have one good last meal before they die.

Kim Jong Un has told N.Korean people that to provide for his military dreams, families may face another Arduous ( hunger ) March.)


    • Thank u so much for commenting… the Lord loves the people of N Korea very much… He hears their cry…their dictator is the problem… his nuclear obsession is not only a threat to other countries … but his own people have suffered terribly as well for his obsession


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