A Satirical Take on Psalms

This girl can write!! She hasn’t yet graduated from college…has been published in magazines all over the country…and is giving the blogging world a twirl… she’s the only person I knew before I joined the Cyberspace world of Word Press who is following me… and…she’s also…my baby girl:)..Please check out her very funny post which is being reblogged right here…right now… 🙂

Stephanie's Ninth Suitcase

I think we all have that one friend who just reads the Psalms.  And don’t get me wrong. We all need a little comfort food from time to time. I’m just not sure that’s the best way to approach Scripture. But, to each his own.

It’s not that I don’t like the Psalms. They’re lovely treats, in moderation. Feel free to tack one or three of those onto your Quiet Time, just don’t get your wires crossed. Psalms aren’t supposed to be ingested in large quantities. That’s like drinking more than one glass of water, or reading substantial portions of poetry in one sitting. Nobody likes a Scripture hangover.

You know that friend? The one that tries to make everything in the Bible apply directly to them?

No, hon. I don’t think that David was talking about roommate trouble when he said that his friend who was like a brother…

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