only green lives matter (poem for Sallie Mae)

let’s talk about toads  in
coin purses.. and…

…folks who can’t



purses with

green backs…lets…

prisons around

them with

blood red signs

and green letter

clever slogans like…

“if you’re in debt it must be because you don’t handle money well”


“you must be lazy”

let’s encourage folks to
take out loans to

go to

college… neglect to

give them jobs… take

their last cloak so

we can sew

green back flags while…

Sallie Mae plays

anthems of

use me sue me usury


broken folks shake

their heads and


in God you trust?

so smarter… better… more


folks who won america’s

russian roulette can

smugly sneer at folks who

only have toads in

coin purses because ..



…only green lives matter…


  1. Love this poem! You should put together a book of your poems. Nice reading them here… but it’s always nicer to have an actual book! And your poems are definitely good enough to be published!

    Liked by 1 person

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