old lies

So I played a dirty trick on myself

i found an old lie slithering

around under my bed…

it looked

like it was about to die so

i kinda konked it

on the head and told it to Wake Up…but

it had already closed it’s

eyes …

you better

believe that shook me up… so

i started

swinging it around by

it’s tail… snakes

don’t like that you know…


finally i fixed the dumb thing… i

stuck it in a bowl of
icecream in the
freezer… and waited about a
half hour before I
checked on it…

much to my relief it bit me as
soon as I opened
the door…

“it’s about time you came back toyour senses” i told it…

“you are a worthless fool” it hissed

“i know!… i know!” I told it…

“no one could ever love you” it replied

“exactly”…i eagerly agreed

“i can’t stand another second of your stupid face” it threatened “i’m leaving”

“but i’ve missed you” i whined…
it told me to get
under the
bed so i did and
now i can’t find my


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