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Coyote Mars

When Coyote loves… he

loves good and hard…like

coyotes love full moons … like

children love sand dollars…

…some folks say Coyote is as stupid as a mars bar left in a hot car…with the windows rolled up because he…

tip taps

around town carrying that stupid globe of his all the time

but Coyote doesn’t listen ..because

he’s too busy

hearing mamas mouths

make 0s when they kiss

fussy babies who won’t

take naps…and volunteers pour

soup into round cups

at the homeless mission… on

the corner as he

tip taps

down the street

he feels ocean mists

rise up off

that globe he carries and

thinks about all the people he

might meet as he

tip taps down the

street …his white cane feels

a little lighter

because of all

the love he


7 thoughts on “Coyote Mars”

    1. Just read one of yours… Love love your heart for Him… and ur willingness to go through deep waters with… for the reward of having more of Him.. so glad u followed… I have followed as well and look forward to sharing bits and pieces of our journey together:)… He is altogether lovely and worth it:)

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