For India’s Black Diamonds with Love (a Ghazal)

 What are heavens made of that some were made to sigh?                                      

 Others made to laugh at them and make  girls wish to die?                                          

 Fairies speak about such things

Winds of wingless angels watch untouchable girls huddle                                      

Dark clouds shove little girls into ugly mud bled puddles                                                

Fairies cry about such things  

Wheat colored girls sip rainbows, they tie their hair in ribbons                          

Listen to their pretty songs and follow them to kittens                                                

Fairies forget about such things

White gold cotton wraps her chocolate covered bliss                                                    

She is an evening full of white stars a dark cocoa kiss                                                

Fairies smile about such things

Dusky Cinderella washes white rice, white veined flowers                                            

Prince Charming picks Black Diamonds for his special hour                                      

Fairies sing …  little one grows wings




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