72 hour notice

she spells words on pink paper with her finger and

throws the envelope across the room…fevers of


shudder through her apartment and

she cries for fairy godmothers to

free her from poverty’s shackles…

wicked  stepsisters cackle and

weave straw into her hair …whip

marks the spot where

she fails to turn

straw into


pailful shivers rattle


oceans threaten to slurp over her life and

swallow her…



light bulb flicks once…flicks twice..for

$900 she would pay if

she could but

she can’t…

flicker once and wish for

fairy godmothers…

flicker twice and remember Yah…

pink is swallowed by darkness

she cries for someone to


pass over her fears…

to draw a

line in the sand

that darkness can’t









  1. This poem felt very hopeless, which I think was the point. I enjoyed it, though it was disturbing, properly so. Thank you!

    Also, thank you for teaching special needs students. It takes a person of a certain caliber to do that. My son has autism, and if it weren’t for the teachers he’s had I don’t know how he would have managed many of the things he does now. I appreciate you.

    Liked by 1 person

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